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Welcome to Edmonton-Rutherford UCP Constituency Association

Edmonton-Rutherford UCP Constituency Association is an organization in support of the United Conservative Party for Edmonton-Rutherford. Our main purpose is to elect a UCP candidate in the upcoming election to get our constituencies’ voices heard.

We believe Laine Larson, our UCP Candidate for Edmonton-Rutherford, is the man who can make that happen for stronger and more affordable Alberta.

Meet our UCP candidate for Edmonton-Rutherford

Meet Laine Larson

Laine Larson is the UCP candidate for Edmonton Rutherford.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Laine believes in Alberta and cares about its future. He has a Bachelor of Theology and spent his early career working with Alberta’s youth, developing his leadership skills and theirs.

He has since moved into sales and management roles with some top level Western Canadian companies and is a successful day-trader. Now with a wife and three beautiful daughters, Laine wants to ensure that Alberta’s social and economic futures are bright, by supporting families, promoting growth for small businesses, and shortening wait times for health care. 

Laine contributes to his community to make a difference wherever he is. He joined the Edmonton Rutherford constituency board as a Vice President at their first AGM in 2018, he coaches a ball hockey team, and is a leader in his church. 

Laine believes in standing up for the people in his riding, building a thriving economy where Albertans can prosper, and he is looking forward to being their voice at the Legislature.


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